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NABBA Mr Australia TrophyThe Mr Australia contest was originally staged by various promoters and not staged every year as it has been since 1958. These early events were not officially affiliated with any organization.

The first Australian champion to compete in the NABBA Universe was 1954 Mr Australia John Penman who competed in the 1955 NABBA Universe where he won the Medium Class 2. Of course some may say that because he was born in New Zealand, this rules him out as the first Australian bodybuilder in the Universe. However he competed after winning the Mr Australia title which qualified him as the first Aussie in the Universe history books.

Victor Vella became the next Australian to compete in the NABBA Universe in 1963, where he placed 5th in Short Class 3. Although Victor was born in Malta, he went to the Universe after winning the 1961 and 1962 Mr Australia titles.

Guy Emery was the next person to represent Australia in the Universe in 1965. He was unplaced in Class 2 and remains something of a mystery.

The next Australian to compete in the NABBA Universe was 1965 Mr Australia Les Spendlove, who placed 6th in Tall Class 1 in 1966. This was the same class in which Chester Yorton beat Arnold into second place. Les came to Australia from Burma at age 3. He does hold the honour of being the first Australian to compete in the NABBA Universe and to be actually announced as representing Australia.

Frank Colombera was next competing in Class 3 in 1970 and 1971 and placing 4th and 3rd respectively.

The record holders with 4 Mr Australia titles are:  Gary Lewer, Carlo Zumbo & Victor Vella. Gary Lewer also holds the record for the most NABBA Universe appearances at approximately 10.

The Ms Australia competition started in 1982 and was separated into Ms Physique and Ms Figure in 1986.

 Mr Australia WinnerMs Australia Winner
Ms PhysiqueMs Figure
2016 Milton De Freitas WA     Cecilia D'Amico WA
2015 Dave Culter QLD     Annette Latchat QLD
2014 Mick Dittman VIC     Sherie Gossow QLD
2013 Matt Smedley SA     Sherie Gossow QLD
2012 Frank Giampino VIC Anne Sievers QLD Lee Anne Vincent WA
2011 Abraham Elzaibak VIC     Anne-Marie Lasserre QLD
2010 Justin Wessels NSW Shaz Simpson QLD Annette Galagher NZ
2009 Justin Wessels NSW Lisa Bailey NZ Anne-Marie Lasserre QLD
2008 Justin Wessels NSW Niki Ware QLD Coral Moody QLD
2007 Darren Smith TAS Marian Wilford NSW Christine Hajjar WA
2006 Charles Duca NSW Itzel Chavez NSW Christine Hajjar WA
2005 Adam Fennell SA Rosemary Doorey NSW Angela Thomas WA
2004 Scott Burgess QLD Jo Rogers QLD Stella Dinan SA
2003 Mark McEntyre NSW Vicki Reid NSW Leigh Jarrett SA
2002 Nick Jones SA Sandra Lee Jose VIC Lorraine March SA
2001 Lee Newman QLD Joanne Rogers QLD Terri Roberts SA
2000 Nick Jones SA Joanne Rogers QLD LorettaMcMillan WA
1999 Tony Loiacono WA Christine Envall VIC Diane Jardim QLD
1998 Charles Duca NSW Christine Envall VIC Lorraine March SA
1997 Grant Mayo NSW Gillian Bromley WA Pina Theodoridis VIC
1996 Colin Murphie NSW Gillian Marusco WA Pina Theodoridis VIC
1995 Lou Barrie WA Lisa Egan SA Pina Theodoridis VIC
1994 Grant Clemesha WA Lisa Egan SA Tania Mittoni WA
1993 Grant Clemesha WA Tereza Sciascia WA Denise Kelly WA
1992 Kevin O'Grady NSW Deborah Compton NSW Sami Renouf WA
1991 Gary Tchernakoff WA Tania Mittoni WA Jacki Grieger QLD
1990 Bruce Leong NT Deborah Compton NSW Bronwyn O'Brien VIC
1989 Gary Lewer VIC Irene Nickole SA Jackie McKnight QLD
1988 Gary Lewer VIC Kim Knott SA Jeanette Harper NSW
1987 Gary Lewer VIC Irene Nickole SA Beth Lopez Coghlan VIC
1986 Sammy Ioannidis VIC Irene Nickole SA Dijana Kisul Rudolf VIC
1985 Gary Lewer VIC     Leisa Campbell VIC
1984 George Costa NSW     Kathy Illingworth NSW
1983 Clem Ziegler TAS     Beth Lopez VIC
1982 Billy Knight NSW     Beth Lopez VIC
1981 Billy Knight NSW
1980 Richard Jonker QLD
1979 Peter Lindsay VIC
1978 Graeme Lancefield VIC
1977 Ivan Djirlic NSW
1976 Billy Robertson WA
1975 Roger Walker NSW
1974 Ted Matoush NSW
1973 Roger Walker NSW
1972 Frank Colombera WA
1971 Peter McCarthy VIC
1970 Carlo Zumbo NSW
1969 Carlo Zumbo NSW
1968 Carlo Zumbo NSW
1967 Victor Vella NSW
1966 Carlo Zumbo NSW
1965 Les Spendlove NSW
1964 Chim Leong VIC
1963 Les Griffiths NSW
1962 Victor Vella NSW
1961 Victor Vella NSW
1960 Victor Vella NSW
1959 Tom Lardner SA
1958 Joseph Cassar VIC
1956 Charlie Sherhan NSW
1955 Les Griffiths NSW
1954 John Penman NSW
1951 Gordon Nutter VIC
1947 Bob Human SA