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Australian FlagIn the past fifty years Australia has developed and grown into an independently strong nation, enriching our relatively young heritage through our diverse cultural background and 'Faith'. Faith in oneself, in one's associates, in one's industry and in the nation itself. Faith in the future. We embrace this new century with a vision that encompasses a new LEADERSHIP. My strength is in the ability to translate an idea into action, to make things happen. To make my dreams and yours a reality. To do today what can be done today, and set goals for future endeavours and achievements for those that follow me in choosing the BODYBUILDING -LIFESTYLE.

 Remember change and progress are inevitable.

NABBA has made great progress in the past decade, but Australia like other nations are under scrutiny for a multitude of reasons. I believe the performance of bodybuilding improves our fitness level, reduces the risk of cholesterol and stress, increases strength, stamina, coordination and improves energy. These are far more appealing attributes than poor health and self indulgence. In addition we also learn valuable living skills like determination, commitment, camaraderie, goal-setting, loyalty, sacrifice, self-esteem and most importantly purpose.

Respect and discipline are the tools in achieving our bodybuilding objectives.

Graeme LancefieldThe transformation does not transcend upon us overnight but more likely takes several years to administer and perfect. Many of you will embark upon the journey and although there have been many casualties in the past we hope that our website will become a point of reference and aid you in receiving accurate and up-to-date information that will enable you to achieve your personal best.


Remember life's too short to be small, so get out there and pump some iron. We hope you enjoy our efforts and look forward to your continued support and comments in the future.

Stay tight